The main objective of the conference is to exchange ideas, views and experiences of academic and professional, showing the determinants of regional development. The conference will be subjected to the analysis of the process of regional development, and attempt to identify the opportunities and threats of development of modern societies and economies.


     We propose a discussion on the following issues:

  • Sustainable development in the region, in Poland and in the European Union - flows and interdependencies

  • European Union policy for sustainable development - results and perspectives

  • Economic development and environmental resources in rural areas

  • Formation of a modern labor market and human capital

  • Economics of education

  • SMEs and sustainable development of the regions in Poland and in the EU

  • Sustainable development of area of regional local government

  • The paradigm of sustainable development and its evolution

During the conference it is planned to divide a separate discussion board concerning economics of education. Concurrently, the conference will form a founding congress for Polish Assosiation for Economics of Education.

Honorary Patronage Marshal of the Wielkopolska region – Marek Woźniak, Governor of Powiat Pilski – Eligiusz Komarowski
President of Piła City – dr Piotr Głowski
Rector of Stanislaw Staszic University of Applied Sciences in Piła – prof. nzw. dr hab. Donat Mierzejewski
Rector of Poznań University of Economics and Business prof. dr hab. Maciej Żukowski, prof. zw.